Choosing between Custom Website Development and WordPress

Actually getting down into the high-tech functional language of the cyber world is quite difficult for the everyday internet user. If you’re a beginner in the website design and development field, I am sure you would have wondered if custom code is better or if WordPress is an easier way out.

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NO NEED TO BOIL YOUR BRAIN UP thinking over which one to use!

Consider it your lucky day because Crytix presents the pros and cons of both, custom code and WordPress to help you make the decision!



Normally coding a website and making it from scratch is one heck of a task. Basically there are two major questions you need to answer first:

    1. How much time are you willing to dedicate to web designing?


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  1.  How skilled are you at coding the website?


Pros and cons of Custom Code:





Just as the name suggests everything is literally customized by you according to your exact specifications. Developers use HTML, CSS, PHP, and a plethora of other development languages to create a fully customized website.



  • Accurate customization according to requirements of the website design

Custom code literally allows you to make a website from scratch according to your specific requirements. For instance, any colored text or background with unlimited choice of text fonts and picture designs and animations can be used with no constraints applied on the set up design. The structure can be altered and set up exactly the way you imagine it.

  • Best for designing complicated systems, large databases and social networking sites

Custom code is best for creating social networking sites. Popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all custom coded websites. These websites are managed by huge teams and the structures of such sites are highly demanding. The websites with a large storage and gigantic records of data such as NASA and WDI with a high volume of information need custom code to work properly and to be built exclusive of any limitations. Complicated designs are normally associated with social media websites as well as online web stores like eBay and Amazon that need an intricate and detailed structure which can only be perfectly built through custom code.




  • Not limited by the constraints of a web design template or functionality

A good developer can literally develop a website out of a simple JPEG. That’s the freedom you get with custom code. You can have a designer whip up a design and the developers will be able to translate it into a website. Same goes for functionality, no matter what you’re looking to do, there’s always a Jscript or CSS function that will let you achieve that functionality.



  • Time consuming

As a customized website is designed from a blank sheet and needs everything to be laid out in to a plan, it requires a great deal of time. From wire-framing to the actual design and then the code, even a simple website would take weeks to complete.

  • Expensive

As the process is divided into so many steps and each step has to be completed before you can move on to the next one, this process requires a lot of man power. You would need to build different teams for each aspect of the website resulting in increased costs.

  • If you don’t possess extensive, expert skills of coding a website then it will be a painstaking task!

Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can go in and start editing a custom-coded website. You’d need a developer every time you need to change something on the website, even if it’s just a button or line of text.




  • Extensive set up required

Even before you can start building anything, you would need to setup your servers, domain and hosting. While many web hosting services provide easy-to-use control panels for their users, setting up a custom website will still require a developer to set the server up properly according to the technology the website is being built upon.


Pros and cons of WordPress:

WordPress is web software used to create free websites and blogs using templates and on pre-designed formats.





  • Allows new web designers to experiment and create website with basic efforts

WordPress is designed specifically for beginners and amateur web developers/designers. It comes with all the docs and support you would need to start building your own website while the online WP community is always there to help faltering WP developers. WP gives you a theme or template as a starting point so the initial level of effort is minimal.

  • Extremely user friendly

It lets you easily drag and drop elements into a template so it is extremely easy to work with for beginners. WordPress is highly recommendable for people with basic knowledge regarding web design and development.




  • Automatic Content Management System (CMS) with pre-loaded plug-ins

Creating a CMS that lets you edit your own website will cost thousands of dollars; WordPress comes pre-built with one of the best and easiest to use CMS out there. The WP market also provides thousands of plug-ins that can help you achieve the functionality you want.

  • Set up is automatic

Depending on your hosting provider, installing and setting up a WordPress website on your servers normally takes just a few clicks and requires development knowledge.



  • WordPress is limited by design

Since the basic structure of your website is what WordPress gives you, there are limitations to the design features and functionality you can put in. You have to stay within WPs limits.

  • Paid plug-ins

While you get thousands of plug-ins, almost all of them are limited in their free versions. Most plug-ins require you to upgrade to a paid version before you can customize their look or get more powerful functionality out of them.

  • External plug-ins cannot be integrated and not suitable for complicated websites

All external plug-ins and web applications cannot be integrated together to ensure proper functionality because the programs are incoherent. That said, if you’re looking to add a complicated algorithm to your website, you’ll have to find the right plug-in. If you can’t find the right plug-in, you can’t get the functionality you desire.



So there you go, you have the comparison loud and clear, hope it helps!

Since both, Custom Code and WordPress are experts in professional website development, your final decision will totally depend on you how much resources and time you want to invest. In simpler terms, you need to find a WordPress developer if you want to build a basic website but go for Custom Code if you’re looking for something more. Good luck!

Zahra Shahadat

Zahra Shahadat

Business Development at Fz Media Group
Zahra is a graduate of Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan who loves to be creative with websites. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends in web development so she can share them with the world.
Zahra Shahadat

Posted on August 27, 2015 in Website Design

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