15 Most Embarrassing Websites in Desperate Need of Website Development Service

Nobody wants to open a website and get hit in the face with a bunch of flying, flashy hearts all over the screen. Unless you’re using it as a torture technique, it’s not really going to do much good.

Back in the mid 90’s, web designing entailed creativity that did not really serve much of a purpose and websites were quite hideous to look at. Common web design and development features included highlighted color hues, flashy alphabets across the screen and poor quality pictures sometimes even hastily combined to make a digital collage.

The web has evolved exceptionally over the last couple of decades; site design and functionality have changed extraordinarily with the emergence of professional website development experts who bring innovation through their work.

Unluckily for people who are not fans of torture, there are a few websites that are still stuck in a bit of a time warp. Depicting unimaginably lame designs, an overload of information and some pretty poor quality pictures stuck horribly on the web pages. These are a few of the worst websites existing on the internet.

1. www.lingscars.com

Get ready to experience an adrenaline rush of embarrassment.

This car rental site scores highly on the annoying music tracks and the eye-strain totally counts. The festivity represented by the colorful patterns of henna designs is appalling to the sight along with the flashing stickers and Ling’s heads all over the website. A true treat for eye torture!




2. Arngren.net

This is the perfect example of ecommerce website development gone haywire!  Arngren.net is an absolutely disappointing, brain-melting website with absolutely no clue what it is trying to show or sell to the audience! Scroll down and you will find more cut-and-pasted low quality images with hyper links.

P.S. Don’t forget to spot the waving Santa Claus on the website.



P.S. Don’t forget to spot the waving Santa Claus on the website.


3. Jamilin.com

Jami Lin “Love Love LOVES helping you to evolve” but could use a little of her love to revamp her website.

Visibly the collages of images, videos, and links are all overcrowded towards the centre of the site. This surplus of images and text is a little distracting for anyone to navigate it clearly.




4. www.uglytub.com

The website is as ugly as its literal name. Thinking of replacing your old bath tub? Sure, because this website doesn’t really persuade you to do otherwise. A combination of flashing bad quality images, microscopic fonts (barely readable) and gaudy colors in conjunction with the limiting frames like a small box within a page that minimize the site to a small window in the center of the screen; makes this one of the worst offenders on the web.



Not sure if the girl on the website is frustrated because of the ugliness of the tub or website.


5. Wholsesalemeatscoventry.com

Get ready for the ultimate online experience..

Your meaty taste buds are going to be flying in all sorts of directions!

The title and imagery certainly go a fair way to suggest the purpose of this website, but if you’re really clueless about this company, the numerous floating images of raw meat should give a couple of hints. This isn’t the worst site on the web at the moment but the sight of pieces of meat flying is unbearably humorous.




6. Pennyjuice.com

If you are supporting the ‘Pride Movement’ then the underlay of your Facebook display and this website would go hand-in-hand or maybe just being a huge fan of “Nyan Cat” would work. But otherwise, this is too awful and you would be surprised to know that this is the website of a juice company.

The appallingly tacky colors down here make the text invisible. There is no sign of any navigation button to help you find out more but there is a picture of a baby to draw attention in a very weird way which is in no way related to the advertisement of a juice company.




7. 007museum.com

For decades, James Bond has been prominent as a charismatic, charming and noteworthy secret agent on the silver screen. Yet, the website for the James Bond museum is a bit too underwhelming with loads of clustered hyperlinks. Disappointingly for Daniel Craig, the website is the exact opposite of charismatic so he shouldn’t be blamed if he quits being Agent 007 after seeing this.




8. Rudgwicksteamshow.co.uk

RUDGWICK COUNTRY SHOW! This in-your-face site makes full use of collage imagery, primary colored fonts and random floating photos!

As you scroll down the page, there are more clusters of images of farm animals and tractors placed horribly on top of each other. This is the result of putting ‘Farmville’ and ‘Circus City’ in a blender and leaving it unattended.




9. www.patimex.com

MOST Hilarious sounding website which has funny background music played when you open it and the grill king devil cartoon is moving in and out from the screen. The frame of the website is stuck in the centre of the screen with empty grey areas outside. These are some wacky sort of arty skills used here. This sounds a lot like they’re calling out all the “BIG MAC” lovers here.




10. art.yale.edu

Created in the name of ‘art’, this website is surprisingly bad considering it was built by the people over at Yale. The photographic clips of rain water used here is so disturbing that Gregory Crewdson would want to pull all his hair out after visiting his old school’s website.




11. www.rentistoodamnhigh.org

Although Jimmy McMillan would win a lot of votes through his “too damn high” campaign and become the next best political figure but this website would certainly bring him no glamour.

It looks quite hideous with the black background with flashy colors and popping GIF imagery. As you scroll down the page, the content is pretty much left aligned.




12. www.monkzone.com

Warning: “Don’t Try To Read This Stuff Just Enter” because the text is unreadable already.

This is the official website of the jazz musician Thelonious Monk and assuming that he got zoned out in to the dark wilderness, this makes sufficient sense when you read the warning. His followers would probably abandon him after visiting this webpage.




13. cloud9walkers.com

A horse based business in Tennessee does so much justice by placing horse pictures everywhere which are supposedly flying in the sky or rather literally on Cloud9 as the website name says. This is the biggest mistake web design and development companies can make by trying to portray the literal meaning of the name of the website thus resulting in this disaster.




14. heyokay.com

A totally pointless website with an eye-burning collage of GIF videos of a kid doing the same dance moves over and over again. I mean, why does this even exist on the internet? Such a burden.




15. procatinator.com

Say Hello to ‘Cat World’! This is a complete ‘catastrophe’ for somebody whose cat just died.




If you want to waste your time watching cats and going crazy or rather ‘cat-zoned’ then welcome to this website because it definitely suits your ‘category’ of choice. The videos do not even make much sense unless you are ‘cathartic’ towards cats but this one is my favorite out of the lot.

Warning: You may develop ‘cataracts’ after watching this (that’s my pun quota for the year done).


If want to save yourself from making such website blunders then let an experienced website design and development company like Crytix take care of your web design and development needs . We can do wonders for you!

Zahra Shahadat

Zahra Shahadat

Business Development at Fz Media Group
Zahra is a graduate of Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan who loves to be creative with websites. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends in web development so she can share them with the world.
Zahra Shahadat

Posted on August 12, 2015 in Website Design

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