10 Features that are Crucial for Professional Website Development (Part I)

A wise old man once said, “The first impression is the last impression”.

This saying holds 100% truth in the world of website design and development.

Let’s face it; websites are the MOST important source of information for your potential customers. A lot of us form opinions regarding an organization and its offerings based on just a single look at its website.

A non-responsive website, a website without any contact information or content in a single language would get you nowhere!

So what makes website visitors happy?

Crytix has the answer!

Read on to learn more about the crucial elements that will give your website a stronger online presence.

Word of advice: If you’re an ecommerce website development company, you’d find this article as precious as gold!

1.Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-action buttons guide users regarding what they need to do if they’re interested in purchasing your products/services or learning more information about them.


When designing a call-to-action, keep in mind the following 2 questions:

  1. What aim do you want to fulfill by generating visits to your website?
  2. Why have individuals opened your website, in the first place?

For example:

1. If people are looking to download songs through your website, the best call-to-action would be


2. If you want to eliminate any hesitations that might be hindering your potential customers from becoming actual           buyers, you can ask them torequest-a-demo

3. If you want individuals to purchase your offerings, make it easy for them to fill their virtual shopping trolleys                through add-to-cart

Calls-to-Action are one of the most powerful conversion optimization tools.

To make your CTAs more effective, make sure you have incorporated the following 4 fundamental features in them:

  1. They should be clear.
  2. They should be written in an authoritative tone.
  3. The best call-to-action buttons are those which are most creative. Use graphics and design icons to symbolize your CTAs. For instance, a graphic icon showing an envelope can be used as an email button that directly leads to an interface which allows your potential customers to send you an email.
  4. When developing a mobile version of your website, your CTAs should be clickable/ tap-able, allowing individuals to place or get a free download, etc., just with one tap.

2. Social Media Integration

Not having a social media identity in the virtual world makes you non-existent in the non-virtual (real) world as well!social-media-icons

Needless to say, you need to be where your potential customers are-and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, amongst others, are a few of the places where they exist in masses!

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to go over benefits of viral marketing or give you lectures on how to develop social media marketing strategies.

All we want is to make you aware of the fact that potential consumers will definitely want to have a look at your social profile!

Add graphic icons that link directly with your social media profile, rather than wasting users’ precious time by making them search for you on their own.

By enabling users to connect with you on social media platforms right on the spot, you’d indirectly by contributing towards an increase in your number of followers and likes.

You can also expand your social network in 2 additional ways:collagee

  1. Link your website with social media pages that you might have created to cover any event that your organization might have organized.
  2. Appeal to people to be a part of “your community” by joining your group or ‘liking’ and following your page on social media websites.

3. Responsive Web Design

screenshot-crytix.com 2015-11-19 16-42-25

At Crytix, we create websites that you can easily browse through on any and every screen size!

The current “age of smartphones” has taken us all by storm! Cell phones and tablets are rapidly replacing desktop computers and laptops.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at these mobile marketing statistics released recently by Smart Insights:

  1. The number of mobile users (1.9 billion) has outdone the number of desktop users (1.7 billion) worldwide.
  2. Smart-phones emerged as the 2nd most popular, whereas tablets emerged as the 3rd most popular devices used to access the Internet.
  3. 80% of individuals use smartphones and 47% use tablets to access the Internet.
  4. The popularity of vertical mobile screens has increased steadily, from 0.4% in 2012 to 2.8% in 2015. On the other hand, the popularity of horizontal desktop/laptop screens has experienced an inconsistent trend.

And so, that’s where the idea of responsive website development emerges.

To explain you briefly, responsive web development involves developing a website’s layout, design and coding in such a way, that it is able to adjust and resize pages according to the size of the screen being used.

An example would be mobile optimized websites, where you wouldn’t need to zoom in or scroll sideways just to read the content.

Bottom line: Consumers love it when they see a website that is tailored to the size of their screens, so they’ll love you more if your website is responsive to their needs and maximizes their comfort.

4. Testimonials

“A brand is no longer what we tell people it is-it is what consumers tell each other it is”

-Scott Cook

Scott Cook couldn’t have put it in a better way!

In today’s era of viral marketing, word-of-mouth acts as the most powerful force that could change your fate.


The best way to build your brand on your website would be through the use of customer testimonials-share the positive experiences that customers have had with your products/services.

In case you’re not yet convinced about the power of testimonial advertising, let the numbers speak for themselves:

  1. 88% of customers go through client testimonials in order to determine the quality of a local business.
  2. 85% of consumers say that they read up to 10 reviews before they’re fully satisfied regarding their purchase.
  3. 88% of consumers feel that online reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

(Source: Local Consumer Review Survey, 2014)

screenshot-vidzio.com 2015-11-19 17-05-08

I feel so envious of Vidzio! I never got such awesome comments from my teachers at school!

Word of Caution: Don’t go overboard with adding the testimonials. Remember, that quality matters more than quantity hence, add only the best reviews i.e. ones that are well-written and precise.

5. Corporate Contact Information

contact-infoWhile this might seem as a common sense no-brainer, you’d be very surprised (and even more annoyed) at the number of firms that haven’t placed their contact information on their websites!

You need to know that it is your job to make it as simple as possible for people to be able to get in touch with you.

Don’t leave it up to individuals to waste their time searching for your telephone number in the Yellow Pages directory, because they really won’t bother to put themselves through all that effort!

Your contact information must contain your firm’s

  1. Telephone numbers
  2. Email address
  3. Location of your retail outlet/ corporate offices

Asking potential customers to contact you is a call-to-action in itself. Therefore, you need to present your contact details in a pronounced and bold manner. Some ways of doing this creatively are:

  1. Add prominent tabs and buttons stating your contact information, on the template of your website.
  2. Have a separate “Contact Us” section. This section can also include a map guiding potential visitors to your retail outlet.
  3. Place your contact details on a banner in the header of your website.


These were 5 of the 10 features that are you must incorporate into your website to enhance visitors’ experience. We’ll be back with the rest of the features in our next blog.

Till then..

Happy web designing!

Shehzeen Arif

Shehzeen Arif

Business Development at Fz Media Group
Shehzeen is a graduate from Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan, who specializes in marketing, sales and business development. She likes to write about the latest happenings in the world of web design and digital marketing.
Shehzeen Arif

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Website Design

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